Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fyr Fyter Inc.’s security systems offer Fort Myers, FL & Southwest Florida homeowners and property owners the peace of mind that comes with constant vigilance. Our monitoring systems work together to notify you—and the proper authorities—the instant a fire occurs, so any damage is minimal and quickly halted.

Fyr Fyter Inc.’s certified Alarm system technicians will install monitoring systems in your home, and maintain or repair them as necessary to keep your protection constant.

Our monitoring system provides the essential vigilance necessary to protect your home from fire. This system integrates flawlessly with our fire alarm systems to keep your home and property secure. Our technicians can easily install both of these systems for you, for a safer home at a lower price.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer wireless alarm monitoring:

  • Lower costs by eliminating phone lines and related fees
  • More reliable and faster than traditional alarm monitoring
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • 24-hour centralized, off-site alarm monitoring
  • Immediate notifications to emergency personnel and you
  • Full compliance with Underwriters Laboratories/FM Global guidelines

Please call 239-481-5737 or email info@fyrfyterinc.com for a wireless monitoring quote today.