Bundle and Save on Fire Protection & Wireless Monitoring in Fort Myers, FL

Fire protection is serious business. At Fyr Fyter Inc., we understand that properly and promptly maintaining fire equipment and staying in compliance with fire codes is paramount to the protection of your life and property.

Unfortunately, when combined with scheduling and billing with multiple vendors, this can be very expensive and time consuming. That’s why we allow you to bundle and save on fire protection and security services and monitoring at our Fort Myers, FL office.

You should never have to compromise your safety for the sake of your budget. That’s why we now offer full service agreements to maintain all your fire protection needs when you work with us! Our skilled technicians can install, service, and maintain your fire protection equipment. And because we’re the only vendor in the mix, you can have total peace of mind at an affordable price.

We offer comprehensive contracts no matter your needs—be it fire and security equipment or 24-hour alarm monitoring, we’ll work with you to make the perfect safety combination.

Bundle with Fyr Fyter Inc. and save on the following products and services:

  • Fire Alarms & Security Systems
  • 24 Hour Monitoring (wireless available in most areas)
  • Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Sprinklers & Backflow Testing
  • Fire Pumps and Hoses
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Boat Systems
  • Exit & Emergency Lights
  • Bulbs and Batteries
  • Scuba Hydrostatic Testing
  • C02 Recharging
  • Control Access & CCTV
  • Hood Cleaning

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